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7 Types Of Coffee And How To Make Them

Coffee is one of the most popular beverage choices in the world. In fact, it is noted that an average person over 18 years of age consumes at least 4-6 cups of coffee every day.

More than 15 million Indians drink about 40 million cups of coffee per day, sometimes even more than that.

Despite India being known for its love of cutting chai, coffee still remains a popular option among urban India.

Types of Coffee

Here is the list of various types of coffees along with its description.

1.Espresso: It is nothing but water added to coffee powder. The amount of water is very less ( 25–30 ml). Espresso is a highly concentrated drink. It is a base for many other coffee drinks.

Coffee Powder + Little Water = Espresso

2. Americano: When water is added to espresso, so as to dilute the concentration, it is called Americano.

Coffee Powder + Water = Americano

The difference between Espresso and Americano is the amount of water added to the coffee powder. In espresso, 25–30 ml of water is present in the coffee powder. Whereas in Americano, the quantity of water goes up to 75–100 ml.

3. Flat White: When milk is added to Espresso, it is known as Flat White.

Espresso + Milk = Flat White

4. Macchiato: When milk foam is added to Espresso instead of milk, it is known as Macchiato.

The difference between Flat White and Macchiato is the concentration level. Flat White is diluted whereas Macchiato is very strong and concentrated. Macchiato is the second strongest coffee after Espresso.

Espresso + Milk Foam = Macchiato

5. Latte: When Milk Foam and Milk is added to Espresso, it is called Latte. Let’s assume the cup is of 100 ml, then milk foam and espresso would comprise of 25 ml each, and milk would consist of 50 ml. It is comparatively less concentrated and is creamy.

Milk Foam + Milk + Espresso = Latte

6. Cappuccino: When Milk Foam and Milk is added to Espresso, it is called Cappuccino. Here, each of the 3 contents - Milk Foam, Milk, and Espresso would be equal in quantity. It is comparatively more concentrated and hence strong.

Milk Foam + Milk + Espresso = Cappuccino

7. Mocha: When Chocolate syrup is added to Latte, it becomes Mocha.

Chocolate Syrup + Milk Foam + Milk + Espresso = Mocha

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