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Starting therapy: the first step to wellness

Updated: Jan 18

Starting therapy can seem pretty overwhelming at times. But fret not, you are not alone. A vast majority of people ignore their symptoms of deteriorating mental health and choose to put off treatment until it becomes worse.

Therapy visits are problem-solving workshops. Each session comes with its peculiar problem to solve. The therapist will first, read and observe you, and try to identify the roots and deets of your problem.

Keep in mind that therapy takes time, commitment, and effort. It is a consistent incremental process that leads to growth and improvement.

Therapy allows you to speak your mind and lift the weight off your chest. The therapist will listen to you patiently while gradually moving towards a healthy discussion.

The therapist, then, will help you gain some valuable insights about your condition. This will help you unlearn harmful behavioural patterns.

Sometimes the therapist may also include different activities, tasks, and exercises that should be consistently followed as directed, for better progress.

Therapy will encourage you to receive constructive feedback, which will prove to be the first step in improving your mental health.

Once you choose to go for the treatment, it can lead you to the path of mental wellness. Beginning therapy can assist you in managing and overcoming past trauma, depression, etc.

Regular visits can encourage you to strive towards personal growth and self-improvement through realistic goal-setting, planning, and acceptance.

An expert can benefit you to recognize what emotions are common for your conditions.

A professional can suggest procedures and comfort for your critical needs even when you are reluctant about seeking help.

Therapy often offers you a coping strategy. In case, you feel you are incapable of dealing with complex problems at the time your therapist can equip you with techniques to address these at a slower pace.

Plenty of patients start to feel better by simply bleeding their hearts out in a safe space where they are heard. Initially, therapy can seem overwhelming and unnerving. However, people normally become more relaxed after a week or so.

Therapists don’t merely talk with you and draw the sadness out they are as invested in your recovery as you.

Regular therapy, if followed with utmost conviction; can make your misery a haven. This means you have to go through the stress, the sadness, and the trauma no more. Starting therapy is taking a step towards your well-being.

Remember, the most difficult part of getting better is getting started.



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