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3 Important life lessons we can learn from Trees?

Nature can tell us a lot about ourselves if we look deep into it. In fact, nature can make us introspect better than time. These days we are so engaged with doing our jobs, performing our duties, and curating a decent socially acceptable life for us that we have forgotten what it feels to be truly human. And perhaps, nature can help us connect with our lost humanity. It can conjure the wounds that we buried deep down inside some pit, and heal them in the right way. It can rejuvenate our dejected souls and breathe some life into us.

As a child, I have always found solace in the backyard of my house. I still remember the time when I could forget almost any bad thing that might have been going on with me by merely sitting in the kitchen garden for an hour or so. I used to observe and feel that hollow rustling of the winds, the sunlight dimly caressing the leaves, flowers wavering and dancing with the rhythm of the clouds, and cuckoos singing their agonies away. Nothing used to make me giggle more than being there, living the moment, soaking it all in, at once.

Now plants aren't dealing or living life like ours meaning they certainly, don't have any say or choice in most situations but even so they can teach a lot about how to lead a simpler, happier life despite what you're put through.

  • Trees 'literally' don't get caught up with limitations and boundaries.

Plants and trees can usually grow as much as they possibly can. For them, literally ‘sky is the limit’. Unlike humans, they don’t constantly bring themselves down by trash-talking and overthinking. They are neither influenced by what others think of themselves nor swayed by negative emotions. They only intend to grow, unconditionally.

Key takeaway - Holding negative beliefs about ourselves can bite us in the back. It becomes an obstacle in our path of self-development. True growth can start only when you let go of your inhibitions and fears, and begin believing in yourself.

  • Trees thrive at the art of adaptability.

Ever since evolution, trees have been the only constant survivors. They have been through the worst and come out stronger than ever. This is because trees have mastered the art of adaptability. They welcome the challenges by accepting the change, gracefully. They stand tall through the ever-changing seasons, natural calamities, and whatnot. They are flexible and open to experience.

Key takeaway - If we are scared of the change, we might not be able to truly evolve into our better selves. Accepting the change and adapting to the circumstances can not only help in personal growth but also in mental well-being.

  • Trees are selfless providers.

Trees are the real givers. They are benevolent creatures who focus on adding value to the lives of all living beings by simply existing. Their presence itself screams selflessness. Trees spend their entire life serving others - they provide food, shelter, nutrition, healing, fresh air, and even mental relief. Oh, hell they provide benefits even after their demise.

Key takeaway - A life can only hold meaning when it serves others. As human beings, what are we doing to provide value to others? Humans by nature are selfish beings. But with the wisdom and opportunities given to us, we can help the needy. Honestly, it doesn’t require much to be selfless. Sometimes, just being there to support our loved ones is all we need to do.

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