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Why Does Every Woman Need To Be Financially Independent In 2020?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Marriage might be a fruitful arrangement for some women but it has a major lethal side for others.

Sure it might make you all pink-eyed, crazy, and turn you all lovey-dovey with the sweet vows – including what's mine is yours – until death do us apart, and you ought to be merging each part of your life with his but that doesn't necessarily mean that it would be all roses and unicorns from here.

You might even go to the extent of thinking of every aspect of this journey as an ‘us’ not ‘mine’ and ‘his’. Then again, is it, really?

The millennial Indian woman is shattering the age-old shackles and meeting new challenges, both personally and professionally. However, it's imperative women free themselves from financial overdependence on family and guard against dire situations like divorce, death, etc.

This is where sound financial planning plays a key role for a lady in securing her life and therefore the lives of her loved ones.

1. To not be dependent on your needs on your parents or spouse:

Let’s face it! You can not be truly free if you are always dependent on others for even your basic needs.

Having a job, minimum side income or even a few funds for your own shall prove to be extremely helpful.

2. To maintain your self-worth:

Listen, we are not implying that women who don’t earn have no self-worth.

It’s about having that little monetary gain to have your self-worth in your own eyes. Often in life, especially after having children, women might start losing a sense of their identity.

Some even try to get back into the corporate world again. But the difficulties put through their paths might leave a lasting effect on their self-esteem.

After all, money might not bring happiness but it does bring security.

3. To be able to choose:

Being financially independent does give you a superpower i.e. the power to choose.

As a woman, it might seem a little daunting to live according to the laid out schemas of the patriarchal society.

But with a sufficient amount of money, you do get to make your own decisions. (to an extent, only). And to be honest, money does lie at the core of all the gender disputes.

Now money won’t magically solve all your problems but it sure will make things a bit easier.

4. To sustain through life’s emergencies:

We can never really be prepared for the future; it is uncertain, after all.

But we can take certain measures to ship us through rough times, especially monetarily. You never know what mishaps might be hanging over your heads ready to slice you into pieces.

Better safe than sorry, aye?

5. To lift some pressure off your spouse:

Patriarchy and societal norms not only affect women but men, too.

Men have to constantly be the sole provider for the family. While it’s alright for women to adhere to the role of a homemaker, the same isn’t true for men.

Being financially independent might help you lift some pressure off your spouse.

It would not coerce him to meet the needs of the entire family, and bring the food to the table, every time.

With some of your contribution to the household finances, a bunch of these issues might be resolved.

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